A boutique lifestyle and property management service for second homeowners in Upstate NY.

boutique Lifestyle & Property Management for second homeowners in Upstate NY

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WKND-R is a boutique lifestyle and property management service that helps create the weekend experience you envisioned when you invested in your second home.

Instead of going over the laundry list of looming tasks on your Friday drive up from the city—you can look forward to a stocked fridge, fresh flowers, and a welcoming home that has been maintained for a relaxing weekend. From pantry and design services to weekly check-ins, maintenance and short term rental management, WKND-R will handle the logistics of upstate home ownership so you can maximize your precious time doing the things you want to do.

An initial consultation will help determine each client's specific needs and a tailored service plan will be created just for you.




WKND-R's tailored services are offered as a monthly bundle or individually.


WKND-R will stock your home with perishable and non-perishable supplies tailored to each client's needs and personal taste. From a specific light bulb that you always forget to order to the local cheese that you never have time to buy.

Stocking fridge with local provisions
Arranging and picking up CSA
Household Products & Sundries



WKND-R will set up your home as a short term rental. We will take photos, write the narrative for your home's description, and manage your bookings, calendar, and guest communication.

Our DESIGN SERVICES are also available, updating your home to be competitive in the rental market.

essential weekend house prep

WKND-R will do a weekly check-in and prep for your weekend arrival.

Setting thermostat and AC for arrival
Shoveling/sweeping front steps
Water houseplants
Create a list of what you're running low on and what pantry services needs to be replenished for our pantry clients.


WKND-R will manage your maintenance service calendar and communication, ensuring each service shows up when they are scheduled and are doing their jobs properly.

House cleaner
Pest Control
Snow removal
Pool care


WKND-R extends the same care and meticulous detail to finding the perfect home decor objects to decorate your home.


WKND-R will develop a menu, pick up the freshest local ingredients, and supply detailed recipes for you to execute to perfection.

WKND-R gave us our weekend back and I am so grateful. I opened my door to fresh flowers on the table and eggs from our coup in the refrigerator rather than the typical uncertainty. Maggie is so reliable and kind. She even told us about an event that we had not heard about and recommended a sitter for our 5-year-old so we could grab dinner before we headed out. Our entire family is looking forward to summer weekends, can’t wait! Thanks again, WKND-R.
— Nora


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Below are our standard bundle plans. All services are available individually and as a customized bundle. We look forward to discussing what services works best for you.
















add to existing package

or as a stand alone service

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SHORT TERM RENTAL MANAGEMENT—We will take photos, write the narrative for your home's listing, and fully manage your bookings, calendar, and guest communication.

Our DESIGN SERVICES are also available, updating your home to be competitive in the short term rental market.



WKND-R redesigned bedrooms and baths, styled, photographed, and updated listing. We manage the rental via airbnb.


Scandinavian Barn with Catskill Views

WKND-R photographed and updated the listing for homeowner. We managed the vacation rental via airbnb for 6 months while the homeowner was out of the country.

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WKND-R styled, photographed, and updated listing. Homeowner manages the listing.






Do I need to use your specific maintenance services? I like my plow company.

Absolutely not! What we will do is make sure your plow company always shows up when they are supposed to and check that they are doing a great job. We maintain relationships with our approved service providers, but are happy to work with your preferred maintenance services.

How do I pay for my pantry items?

We have your credit card on file and provide detailed receipts of all purchase each week. Or we can set up a house account with some of our vendors.

What areas do you service?

WKND-R offers service in Columbia County and parts of Dutchess County. Please call to see if your home falls in our coverage area.

I am interested in your DEsign SERVICES... what's the next step...?

Fantastic! We would love to meet you for a consultation.

Is there a contract?

Yes. A mutually agreed upon contract will outline services and fees, responsibilities, duration, termination clause and liability.

How do you customize your pantry services for my specific tastes and needs?

We meet with our clients for an hour consultation and get to know their home and preferences. WKND-R creates a custom order for your specific wants and needs and can quickly make adjustments if those needs change.

I am thinking about setting up my home as a short term rental while we are away for SIX monthS. Does this service cost more?

Yes, setting up your home as a rental requires an additional one-time flat fee. If you choose to use WKND-R to fully manage your rental, our fee is a percentage of each booking.

What do your concierge services include?

These services are tailored to the needs of the client and will be discussed during the initial consultation. From vetting and booking babysitters to arranging spa services to prepping for dinner parties… basically anything that helps you enjoy your precious time upstate.


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Maggie Goudsmit moved with her family from Williamsburg Brooklyn to Germantown, NY in 2011. She began her career as a fashion photographer and then a digital photo retoucher for editorial and advertising clients. After living Upstate for several years she kept hearing from friends with weekend homes how dissatisfied they were with their weekend experience—instead of swimming in a secret swimming hole or skiing they were waiting in line at the grocery store and calling the house cleaner who never showed up. WKND-R was born to restore the weekend experience back to being carefree. With Maggie's knowledge of where to find the perfect bottle of wine and the best local provisions, and her valuable network of services—she is able to tailor a personal and incredibly organized package for her select group of clients.




If you are interested in learning more about WKND-R, please drop us a line. We would love to work with you to design a suite of services that fulfills your specific needs.