Maggie Goudsmit moved with her family from Williamsburg Brooklyn to Germantown, NY in 2011. She began her career as a fashion photographer and then a digital photo retoucher for editorial and advertising clients. After living Upstate for several years she kept hearing from friends with weekend homes how dissatisfied they were with their weekend experience—instead of swimming in a secret swimming hole or skiing they were waiting in line at the grocery store and calling the house cleaner who never showed up. WKND-R was born to restore the weekend experience back to being carefree. With Maggie's knowledge of where to find the perfect bottle of wine and the best local provisions, and her valuable network of services—she is able to tailor a personal and incredibly organized package for her select group of clients.


Myryah Irby is an editor and DIYer who managed a portfolio of home improvement websites for over a decade. She and her family called Brooklyn home when they began their hunt for a slice of country heaven. They searched nearly every nook and cranny of Columbia County, NY before purchasing a fixer upper near Hudson in 2012. With the help of a terrific local contractor they designed and built an addition, spending weekdays in the city and weekends upstate renovating their house. They loved their weekends but wished they had more time to devote to the fruits of Hudson Valley homeownership as opposed to the labors. They occasionally offered their second home as a vacation rental and found that many guests were also city slickers in search of a country home. After six years as weekenders they bid goodbye to city life, making their weekend house a full-time home.