Do I need to use your specific maintenance services? I like my plow company.

Absolutely not! What we will do is make sure your plow company always shows up when they are supposed to and check that they are doing a great job. We maintain relationships with our approved service providers, but are happy to work with your preferred maintenance services.

How do I pay for my pantry items?

We have your credit card on file and provide detailed receipts of all purchase each week. Or we can set up a house account with some of our vendors.

What areas do you service?

WKND-R offers service in Columbia County and parts of Dutchess County. Please call to see if your home falls in our coverage area.

I am interested in your DEsign SERVICES... what's the next step...?

Fantastic! We would love to meet you for a consultation.

Is there a contract?

Yes. A mutually agreed upon contract will outline services and fees, responsibilities, duration, termination clause and liability.

How do you customize your pantry services for my specific tastes and needs?

We meet with our clients for an hour consultation and get to know their home and preferences. WKND-R creates a custom order for your specific wants and needs and can quickly make adjustments if those needs change.

I am thinking about setting up my home as a short term rental while we are away for SIX monthS. Does this service cost more?

Yes, setting up your home as a rental requires an additional one-time flat fee. If you choose to use WKND-R to fully manage your rental, our fee is a percentage of each booking.

What do your concierge services include?

These services are tailored to the needs of the client and will be discussed during the initial consultation. From vetting and booking babysitters to arranging spa services to prepping for dinner parties… basically anything that helps you enjoy your precious time upstate.